Women in mining

We are committed to the progress and advancement of women at South Deep, and especially to increasing the participation of women at all levels of management. We offer women an equal opportunity to participate in all our operations, at all levels of responsibility.

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Initiatives undertaken to ensure we achieve these objectives include:
  • Giving preference during recruitment to women who meet the requirements of the job and show capacity to perform the job description.
  • Once all the applications have been received for a particular position these are reviewed according to the required competencies, experience and qualifications necessary for the task. Again, preference is given to women who meet the requirements of the job.
  • We are committed to identifying female employees with potential and training them to acquire necessary skills and expertise.

In Q1 2020, 23% of South Deep’s full-time employees were women. Of our management team 19% were women.

Getting to know the women of South Deep

Yegeshni Naidoo
Yegeshni Naidoo

Find out more about Yegeshni here

Zandile Cindi
Lusanda Xongo – Mining Engineer

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Zandile Cindi
Zandile Cindi – PrEng, Senior Manager Strategy and Business Development

Find out more about Zandile here

South Deep supports International Women's Day and promoting opportunities for women in mining.

In 2021, the Mine plans to achieve 24% representation of women in the total workforce.



We are committed to:

  • an inclusive and diverse workplace where gender representation is grown at every level of the business
  • We are growing our representation of women in leadership. In 2021, 33% of our executive managers, 10.53% of senior managers, 21% of middle and junior managers are women
  • Addressing systemic and cultural barriers that may impede gender equality throughout the business

Womens Day [post]
I challenge men to be a shield for women against the challenges that threaten to drown them

Themba Shihlongonyane

Womans Day [post]
I challenge women to rise above what society has taught them to settle for

Elane Botha

Womans Day [post]
I challenge women to unapologetically be who and what they want to be

Ofentse Mokoto

Womans Day [post]
I challenge women to fix one another’s crown without telling the world that it was crooked

Busi Sibisi

Womans Day [post]
I challenge women to view every woman’s success as an inspiration because we are stronger when we cheer each other on

Elzani Bender

Womans Day [post]
I challenge men to become a safe place for women to take refuge

Emmanuel Seitheiso

Womans Day [post]
I challenge men to view women as partners instead of competition in the workforce

Jonathan Pillay

Womans Day [post]
I challenge women to share the lessons learned from their own challenges to grow one another and pick each other up when they stumble

Mulalo Mutheiwana

Womans Day [post]
I challenge women to speak loud enough so that their voices can be heard

Nthabiseng Khabanyane

Womans Day [post]
I challenge women to be soft yet not weak, to be strong but not violent

Radee Govender

Womans Day [post]
I challenge men to support their women counterparts in their endeavours to succeed in life

Schalk Van Heerden

Womans Day [post]
I challenge men and women to work together in harmony to create a safe and healthy environment for everybody

Themba Sukantaka

Womans Day [post]
I challenge women to doubt their doubts before they doubt their abilities

Zandile Cindi

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