How to become a Gold Fields supplier

Mining [photo] To become a supplier to South Deep Mine, you are required to register online through the South African Gold Fields Supplier Portal. During this process, you will be required to accept a number of terms and conditions. Please ensure you have familiarised yourself with these terms and conditions prior to beginning the process.

The process consists of three steps:

  1. Familiarise yourself with our terms and conditions
  2. The Supplier will register online by completing the supplier registration form with all the required profile data.
  3. The Supplier will be required to submit all relevant supporting documentation as part of the process and will include documents such as:
    • Statutory Documentation (e.g. CM29’s, CM30’s)
    • Relevant copies of ID Documentation
    • Shareholding Agreements
    • BEE and Tax Clearance Certificates etc.

The Supplier will be notified upon the outcome of the Registration Application by email at the e-mail address provided.

Possible reasons for rejections could include: failure to comply to any of the terms and conditions, failure to demonstrate financial stability, failure to provide adequate information when requested.

Please note: A successful application is not a guarantee that a Supplier will receive contracts/orders from Gold Fields.

For any technical queries or support on the Supplier Registration process, please contact our Supplier Registration Help Desk on +27 11 411 1872 or +27 79 133 0331.