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We strive to be the beacon of pride for our people, our communities, our stakeholders and our shareholders

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Gold Fields South Deep is one of four gold mining companies working together to slow the spread of the Coronavirus. We encourage our people – employees and communities – to learn and share the facts about the Coronavirus.

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Health and Safety in Mining 2020

South Deep supports the annual National Day of Health and Safety in Mining, the third instalment of which was launched by the Minerals Council on 17 July 2020, to be observed over the coming several weeks.

At South Deep, our goal of achieving Zero Harm takes on even more meaning during COVID-19, making this year’s theme for the National Day “stay safe and healthy, at home and at work” something we are even more aware of.

This yearly commemoration is intended to demonstrate and support the mining industry’s recommitment to the shared imperative of Zero Harm, under the Khumbul’ekhaya strategy.

Khumbul’ekhaya means remember home, and that is what we must do in every action we take, at work and at home, remembering that each person is important and valued, and that the impact of an illness or accident has its biggest impact on those we love at home.

Mining company leaders bring their voice to this campaign each year. Follow the link below to view South Deep VP Martin Preece's video message in support of the campaign in 2020.

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Zimele Poultry Farm

In 2017, South Deep funded and facilitated the establishment of the Zimele Poultry Farm, a community development project. It is co-owned by eight local community members. The farm sells thousands of chickens to hawkers and the public, playing an important role in stimulating the local economy. Farm employees have also received business training as a result of the project.

“Our knowledge has grown, and we have planned to increase our capacity. We look forward to expanding and employing more people from the community.”

Stanley Mtjanda, Zimele Poultry Farm director

H1 2020


Destress (m/rig) at 30 June 2020 of 68m/rig/month compared to 31m/rig/month at 30 June 2019 = a 118% improvement in advancement per rig

Stoping compliance = an 11% improvement, from 78% in June 2019 to 89% in June 2020

In the first half of 2020, we produced 3,123kg of gold = 10% more than what was produced in the same period last year

We have decreased the cost to produce a kilogram of gold by 6% to R654,537/kg, compared to R698,982/kg in 2019

“As people and as a business, we at South Deep are not immune to the impact of the coronavirus.”

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H1 2020 Results video

Martin Preece [photo]

Martin Preece

EVP: South Africa

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About South Deep

South Deep Gold Mine is a world-class bulk mechanised mining operation located in the Witwatersrand Basin, near Westonaria 50km south-west of Johannesburg, South Africa’s commercial capital.

The mine has been built to extract one of the largest known gold deposits in the world and boasts a mineral reserve of 38 million ounces. This is equivalent to almost 100,000 gold bullion bars.

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Engaged, well-compensated workforce primarily drawn from community

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41% improvement in amount of gold produced

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Significant reduction in all-in-costs per kilogram of gold produced

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80% of technology programmes delivered according to 2020 business plan

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More metres developed per rig, better quality mining

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Double destressing advancement per rig

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Backfill volume increased by 76%

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Improved drill rig reliability