Stakeholder engagement

One of our balanced scorecard’s strategic focus areas is continuously improving our stakeholder engagements and improving the quality of these relationships.

Mining [photo]
This we do by employing various mechanisms, such as:
  • Updating our Stakeholder Engagement Plan annually and assessing our compliance against it
  • Strengthening our engagement with government by annually updating our Government Engagement Plan and assessing our compliance against it. We engage with departments in all three spheres of government: national, provincial and local
  • Independently assessing quality of relationships with our host communities on a continuous basis
  • Having an approved and published 2018-2022 Social and Labor Plan (SLP), which is currently being implemented and continuously updated. The SLP focuses on human resource development both for employees and host communities, community development projects, housing and living conditions, future forums and, should we find ourselves in that position, downscaling and retrenchments
  • Complying with the Mining Charter 2018 requirements
  • Constantly reviewing our social risks and mitigating them timeously
  • Responding to community needs, assisting them in emergencies they may face and giving support especially to indigent and vulnerable members of our host communities
  • Participation in the Rand West Stakeholders Forum comprising South Deep, Sibanye-Stillwater, Rand West City Local Municipality as well as the 27-member Rand West Stakeholders Forum
  • Implementation of the Grievance Mechanism which allows stakeholders to raise grievances against South Deep and for the mine to respond and resolve these grievances
  • Having in place annual host community employment and procurement objectives and targets to ensure we make a significant socio-economic impact in our host communities
  • Actively and consciously adhering to voluntary human rights principles
  • Working on maintaining our engagement with stakeholders through, amongst others, conducting regular environmental tours for our host communities and academic institutions, holding monthly community open days, sponsoring and supporting community events

We also work with the independent South Deep Community and Education trusts and manage these relationships to the benefit of our communities. Finally we have a partnership agreement with Sibanye-Stillwater, through which we share knowledge, information and partner on specific projects and programmes.